All About Bob ...
… The Boss’s Voice
For 30 years, Bob has maintained his presence as one of the Bay Area’s premier voice-over artists and is available for regional and national AFTRA/SAG work which does not conflict with our agency’s current clients.
Along with a lifetime’s portfolio of radio/TV commercials, Bob has been voice of San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House since 1970, staff announcer for The Perfect 36 television, the legendary in-stadium voice of San Jose Earthquakes Soccer and is heard on phone systems across America with his exclusive And There You Are on-hold programming.
Performance credits, references, headshot, etc, on request.
While In A Previous Life ...
Bob’s 17-year radio career as a DJ and Program Director was a cross-country adventure: Los Angeles to Fall River [where ‘Lizzie Borden with an ax’ ... yes, that Fall River] then home to California in San Jose and San Francisco.
There were some real adventures and some real characters. After all, it was rock ‘n roll. Then there was James Brown.
Upon hearing of James’ death on Christmas Day 2006, Bob was moved to write about his unexpected and unforgettable meeting with the music legend.
Bob’s story, published both in print and on-line at that time, is available by double-clicking on James Brown’s picture shown below.