billings chevrolet
our client for 24 years
A Brand With Personality
That Delivered Results
Billings was a customers’ store: focused on long-term family relationships rather than one-time-only sales.
Our debut radio campaign showcased their difference against the stereotype of customers’ normal interaction with dealers. The spots cut through the clutter and won hearts. And sales.
And that campaign won Best of Show for the year’s regional Addy Awards: the only time radio has ever taken Addy’s top recognition, before or since! Hear one of those original radio spots by clicking the bottom graphic on the left.
Billings TV creative was ever-engaging, drawing the viewer in to deliver a vehicle price or promotional event’s message in unexpected ways, including an on-camera protest of high prices by throwing sledge hammers through car windows [prior to the movie Used Cars, by the way].
One of those TV spots is included here, on the top graphic just to the left.
We pushed the envelope. Successfully.
Billings Chevrolet was one of our longest running client relationships and one of our first clients from Day One. 

They were San Jose’s Chevy dealer for many years, leaders in the pack when domestic car sales were leading the pack.

Billings was a major client of ours for over twenty-four years: when the store was on San Jose’s first Auto Row - North First Street -  through their wholesale move of the entire dealership to a nearby Milpitas.

After 40 years, Billings Chevrolet closed its doors recently.
Billings TV: “The Silent Treatment”
Billings Radio [No Tag]: “Car Salesman”