Who The Big Winner Is In All Advertising,
When Not To Run Any Advertising At All And
What You Can Do Today To Fix Your Advertising
Most people - many people in the business of advertising today - really don’t know what advertising is.
It’s one of the reasons that most advertising today is very simply ... awful. And awfully expensive, on top of that. Today’s competitive table stakes are sky high and the odds against a positive ROI on your investment in advertising are even higher.
The big winner in all advertising is the media: they get paid regardless of how your investment pays off. Or doesn’t …
Advertising was once defined as “salesmanship in print” which, in another era, it was. That was before the world was shrunk to fit inside your phone. Ask five people today what advertising is, you’ll get ten different answers: from television/radio commercials to print ads, on-line keywords, etc., etc.
In my view - after 30 years on the inside of this business called advertising - I believe advertising is everything: the sum total of all your company does which impacts people: mass media advertising is only part of that. You must also include your presentation, packaging and performance:  that’s your in-store and on-line even on-the-phone buying experience.
Everything contributes to whether a customer buys from you or your competition or goes on-line with an angry website that tells a few hundred thousand people exactly why they shouldn’t ever buy from you.
A change in your newspaper headline, some new creative angle for TV or going with a jingle approach, that any or all of those are the silver bullet for your company’s success is simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
That light you see at the end of the tunnel? Trust me, it’s a train. You are going to spend huge amounts of time and money for zero return on your substantial investment.
And I do believe that advertising is an investment: one that should have a positive return as in increased profits or winning an election or, honestly, acquiring a new client.
I advertised an invitation for you to come to my website to offer insight into my advertising agency - and me - with the fervent hope that we can work together to make your company, product or service more successful.
And if you weren’t interested in increasing profits or your market share, etc., etc., you wouldn’t be here reading this.
The only people who can afford not to advertise today are those who are closing their doors this afternoon. Yours, mine, all of our worlds are competitive arenas and if we don’t give our clients/customers valid reasons for their continuing loyalty and future business through our advertising (the ‘everything’ definition), we are all - at the moment that decision is made - out of business.
I am out for business and firmly believe “small is the new big.” You will see as you wander around our website, that we are a small firm with big ideas and solid ROI for our clients’ advertising investments.
We know what advertising is and how to make it work in today’s terrestrial, satellite and on-line world. In a sentence, that’s our sales pitch.
While you’re considering our potential contribution to your specific needs, do check out our References page - it’s on the top menu bar of every page within our site - and listen to our clients in their own words talk about their experiences with our agency.
Our expertise is in creating a buying experience for your customers that maintains their continuing loyalty to your company and their continuing contribution to your profits.
Now you know how we think, take a look around to see what we have done and for whom we have done it, plus hear those we did it for talk about their experience with us: the ones who did it for them!
After that, please tell me if there’s an opportunity for us working together.
Click below on our email logo to share your thoughts.  
Thanks for coming by, for your interest and your consideration.
What is advertising,
why isn’t mine working
and where do I go to fix it?

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