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 our $800M ride of joy
Our Acquisition Expedition
From London To San Jose
A small company in London took a giant technological leap that made it possible for phones to synchronize information with PC’s. That was big news in 1999.
They hired us to bring their technology - and their company - into center stage for America’s high-tech movers and shakers.
Our creative introduced FoneSync’s marriage of wireless phones and PC’s: advertising with personality that stood out from the standard high-tech print.
Six months later, they announced their marriage to an American suitor to the tune of $800 million dollars.
We were invited to the wedding and stayed for some time after honeymoon.
Our strategy was to create awareness among CEO’s and VP’s of high-tech companies looking for new acquisitions.

We targeted them in-the-air: running in all the major airlines’ monthly in-flight magazines.

In tandem with a modest consumer campaign, FoneSync attracted the right attention and was acquired eight months later.