the kat - katd radio station
$330,000 becomes $5.5M in 2 years
This Unique KAT Left Other Dogs
Barking In Her Shadow
Bay Area radio was turned upside down by a tiny FM signal, broadcast from a Bay Area bedroom town, due in large part to the station’s instantly memorable marketing and advertising.
THE KAT, unlike its well-established competitors, arrived out of the box as a new brand -  to businesses, ad agencies and consumers - utilizing a unique, custom-made visual identity of a very special KAT.
Radio stations’ sole source of income is from local, regional and national advertising. So it is ironic that most radio station advertising is unimaginative, gray wallpaper: music snippets, artist photos and an onslaught of dial position repetitions.
We saw that reality as an opportunity for a new radio station’s unique image to immediately stand out from the pack, leveraging station awareness and recognition among advertising buyers; enhanced recall among station listeners.
THE KAT created a unique brand of music and personality, wove the two and put them on-the-air, then represented the station with a unique visual brand identity.
From business collateral, to TV advertising, promotional appearances to in-station displays, THE KAT’s brand identity was constantly selling.
Two years after its debut, the station sold for 15X+ its initial investment.
We created THE KAT identity from scratch, including the station’s signature image, shown to the left.
This was before Photoshop® and image manipulation of any kind.
We shot for four days in LA with a ‘union cat’: one who would hold still while a backlight was placed just right, overhead lighting was adjusted, eyes open, etc., etc.
We got one purrfect shot in 4 days. Frame #4.
This is it!