our client for 15 years
Setting A New Standard
For Retail Furniture Stores
Woodworks Furniture blazed new avenues in furniture marketing and rapidly grew from one store in Cupertino to a dominant Bay Area chain.
The Bay Area’s love for computers & big-screen TV’s was a perfect match for Woodworks’ line of computer and big-screen furniture.
We differentiated Woodworks’ stores from not only major high-line competitors but also lower-level discount outlets with a combination of wholesome, family-store creative and an innovative media mix.
Our Bay Area TV campaign budget was modest but leveraged by our unique roadblocking media plan in morning programming. Woodworks’ commercials had the perception of running everywhere when, in fact, they were only everywhere once ... each day at the same time!
Woodworks media plan featured a media matrix that delivered the best of all avenues - TV, radio, direct mail and in-store POP - to continuing same-store profits, year after year.
Frank Helmonds is a charmer.

His family’s store, Top Furniture, was a long-time fixture in Cupertino when our agency was first recommended to them by a non-client.

Frank was an old-line furniture retailer who fervently believed in the newspaper ... and newspaper alone.

“Don’t come to us with any radio ‘n TV advertising ideas,” he warned us in our very first client/agency meeting.

Within a year, his stores wouldn’t run a newspaper ad for the next decade.