Making A World-Wide Statement
First Stop: Santiago, Chile
A new product launch also marked the first trip for Ashtech to see their vendors outside US borders in several years.
Beyond our launch advertising and collateral work, Magellan asked us to create once-in-a-lifetime events within each country that would make a powerful statement about the company and its commitment to these vendors.
Our Santiago event was created for that one venue; followed by another created just for Berlin, Germany; others for Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, California.
We produced each event on-site in each country, working side-by-side with our client.
Events are another facet of our agency’s expertise: incentive travel, motivational meetings, off-site presentations - in sailboats, airplanes or camped out in the Nevada desert - we’ve done it. And done well.
This video, with audio commentary by Magellan’s Vice-President of Marketing, is our Santiago event.
The statement was powerfully made and, less than six months after this launch, Magellan was acquired.